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On January 20, 2017, 2016, the award ceremony of "Innovation and Development Award of China Resources Phoenix" in 2016 was held successfully in Beijing. China Resources Phoenix headquarters and the management team of Beijing area member units, the medical institutions management team of China Resources Phoenix Beijing outside the members (Sanjiu brain hospital of Guangdong, Wu Gang General Hospital of China Resources, Kuang Gong General Hospital of Huaibei , Kuang Shan Hospital of Xuzhou City, Sanjiu Medical Clinic, Third Central Hospital of Baoding City), award-winning representatives and representatives of various units attended the award ceremony; In addition, the ceremony also invited the leadership of China Resources Medical Group and the head of the Department, Children's Hospital management team of Kunming city under China Resources Medical Group. Nearly 400 people attended the award ceremony.

The theme of award-winning awards ceremony this year is Innovation and development in accordance with "benefit all with benevolence and competence". It is the chairman of China resources group, honorary chairman of the board of chairman of China resources phoenix, Dr Fu Yuning, who established the highest strategic guidance for China resources phoenix, The strategic guidance is rich in connotation and deep thought, which points out the direction for the development of China resources phoenix. Innovation enables our values to be more fully utilized on the basis of constant tillage, and fully reveals the benevolence and benevolence of doctors. Development enables us to provide better services for patients as an eternal pursuit for a healthier and better life for the people.

"Innovation and Development Award of China Resources Phoenix" sponsored by China Resources Phoenix Medical Holdings Co., Ltd., co-sponsored by the member units of the group to encourage innovation thinking within the group and reward collective and individual who accomplish splendid work in the hospital management and clinical construction innovation and development, through encouraging the advanced, driving innovation and promoting innovation, the results of innovation development are applied and popularized in clinical and hospital management. The quantity declared and quality of this year awards have been greatly improved compared with the previous session. According to the arrangement of the Organizing Committee, in accordance with the allocation number arrangement of scale of the hospital, 175 items of the new business category of hospital management and new technology are received. After a series of rounds of screening, fact-checking and organizing committee review, the 66 projects of 11 units stand out from the competition. Among them, "hospital management innovation award" is 31, "new technology and new business innovation award" is 20, "department and clinical innovation award" is 15, total bonus amount reaches1.25 million yuan.

At the award ceremony, all kinds of awards are awarded and the program of the hospital is brilliant. The theme is bright and the atmosphere is warm, which fully demonstrates the concept of innovation and development of China Resources Phoenix and sets off a new chapter in the innovation and development of China Resources Phoenix.