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On the afternoon of March 31, 2017, Vice Chairman and General Manager Luo Xi of China Resources Group and his delegation came to China Resources Phoenix to examine. He visits General Hospital of Jingmei Group on site, and had an informal discussion with the China Resources Phoenix and Beijing hospital management team members, accompanied with China Resources Group, deputy director of the strategy department, Weng Jingwen, business director of the strategic department, Zhou Yi, Chairman of China Resources Medical, He Xuan, general manager Liang Hongze, management team of China Resources Phoenix and its president of Jingmei hospital.

General Manager Luo Xi has come to the outpatient complex building, test center, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory department and rehabilitation medical center with a detailed understanding of hospital facilities and medical environment, and carefully listened to performance circs of the hospital in the discipline construction, medical quality, Hierarchical diagnosis, optimize process and patient satisfaction in recent years and the recent implementation of medical reform in Beijing, and discussed with health care workers and patients courteously.

In the conference room of administrative building, General Manager Luo Xi listened to the work report from general manager Wu Potao of China Resources Phoenix. General Manager Luo Xi gave full affirmation to since the reform of the operation and management of general hospital of Jing Mei Group and spoke highly of entrepreneurial spirit of China Resources Phoenix, hoping China Resources Phoenix never follow its heart, keep on moving, carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, provide high-quality medical services for patients continually , meet the multi-level and diversified medical services needs of the mass and make more contributions to the national health service.