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On February 13, 2017, Chairman of China Resources Group, Honorary President Dr. Fu Yining of China Resources Phoenix Medical shareholding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Resources Phoenix"or "China Resources Phoenix") and his delegation came to China Resources Phoenix to examine. With deputy Chairman of China Resources Group, Chairman Wang Yin of China Resources Phoenix, Director Wang Yan of Audit and Supervision Department of China Resources Group, office Manager Li Mingfei of China Resources Group, Chairman He Hong of China Resources Medical, General Manager Liang Hongze of China Resources Medical, deputy manager Shan Baojie of China Resources Medical.

Chairman Fu and his parties first visited Beijing Jian Gong Hospital of the China Resources Phoenix and listened to the work report from director Sun Baishun, with in-depth understanding of the restructuring of the hospital and development achievement, he visited the outpatient department and ward, and communicated with managers of parts of departments. Chairman Fu fully affirmed the development of Jian Gong Hospital and praised manage in order, efficient use of resources and mental attitude of health care workers of the hospital.

Subsequently, Chairman Fu and his parties came to headquarters of China Resources Phoenix Company to listen to the work report from vice chairman Cheng Libing of China Resources Phoenix, and discussed with Beijing area chief director of the China Resources Phoenix. Chairman Fu gave a high evaluation for the China Resources Phoenix from the doctor entrepreneurship to the current 28 years course of trials and hardship, considering that China Resources Phoenix has accumulated rich experience in modern hospital management through long-term hospital reform and investment management practices, and created a professional and high standard hospital management team. Not only embodies the founder's vision and courage, but also embodies the Phoenix's wisdom and wisdom from generation to generation.

Chairman Fu made important instructions for the next step of China Resources Phoenix. He asked, China Resources Phoenix should continue to improve and play operational management capabilities in the health industry platform of China Resources, together with China Resources medical and other China Resources Group to further coordination, integrate resources, take advantage and form a joint force of the business unit; continue to adhere to Phoenix's entrepreneurship, Innovation and spirit, and continue to pass down each member units; provide quality health care services by continuing to focus on and deepening study of national health policy, grasping industry trends accurately, and enhancing professional capacity and level vigorously for the broad masses. He stressed that "benefit all with benevolence and competence" is his expectations for future development of China Resources Phoenix, Enterprise of China Resources Phoenix not only to build to last, but also to benefit the people, which need for concerted efforts from all the staff of China Resources Phoenix.

Review of Chairman Fu and his parties pointed out the direction and cohesion for the development of China resources phoenix, and there was important guiding significance for every employee of China resources phoenix. In the future, China Resources Phoenix will be "with both a benevolent mind and heart, contributions to the world" as the highest strategic guidelines, in accordance with the strategic plan of chairman Fu to enhance the medical service capabilities and industry influence, striving to make unremitting efforts to create an international medical industry group and contribute to the improvement of the health of the mass.

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