Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital, the core disciplines - neurosurgery, in accordance with the development of sub-professional and sub-disease, is subdivided into seven departments. While inheriting the traditional technological advantages of disciplines, it is highly connected with the development of international neurosurgery technology, a first-class technology of Neurosurgery professional that can be widely used in clinical.

The hospital has an advanced level of epilepsy treatment center both internationally and domestically, a series of refractory psychiatric comprehensive treatment and plant state awakening, as well as a number of highly professional characteristics of the subject group. With regard to technology levelin terms of deep brain buried electrode, nerve navigation technology, keyhole surgery, neuroendoscopy, neurophysiological surgery in the detection of intraoperative awakening anesthesia and other modern neurosurgery minimally invasive concept and technology applications, Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital has been particularly kept pace with the advanced world level synchronization and entered into top ranks domestically. Many of disciplines in Guangdong Province, including headache treatment center, vertigo treatment center, cerebrovascular disease medical treatment center, nervous system infection and degeneration disease diagnosis and treatment center, pediatric neurology, cerebral palsy treatment center, nerve rehabilitation clinic, psychological and behavioral disease diagnosis and treatment center, sleep medical treatment center, Children's neurocirculation center, nerve electrophysiological center (including brain magnetic map, etc.) and other disciplines in the country and Southeast Asia, have formed an important impact and popularity, which helps to gain the affirm from peers and patients domestically and internationally.

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